Friday, June 3, 2011

Time is Ticking ~ Fly Now: Perspective 101

It has been sometime since my last post. When life gives you lemons you make lemonade...well I like to throw the lemons at the person for creating that phrase. However, its meaning and purpose rings true. Take advantage of all opportunities that come your way, even when the design isn't clear perhaps it is the way you are looking at it.

**Stepping off the soap box now**

It has been just over a year since Craig shows me what Flyfishing was all about! You've seen the gorgeous photos from that...We had a day, the kids were on their way home from visiting their family in NY...Craig and I hit the road...

He had very little sleep, working the night before, (Works Rescue for a Fire Dept.) he was up at all hours. Meanwhile, a storm was rolling through, did my MUST HAVE DD (Dunkin Donuts) run... with an Iced Coffee and Bagel... NOW I am ready but I felt like I forgot something critical..... <----Remember that part.

We approached Route 165 with the clouds getting darker, entering Arcadia Management area. All signs on the weather radars showed the thunder storm approaching. We finally park and put on the waders, vests, shoes...getting our Rods together I hear a loud noise....almost like wind or rushing water. I called over to Craig if her heard the same thing...Crap, here comes the back in the car we got...least I had more of my Iced Coffee and we waited about 10-15 minutes until this downpour got a little more manageable.

Once in the water, on and off the sun tried to peak out, there were midges, occasional sulphur, and millions of mosquitoes milling about. I was a little downstream from Craig, two Coffee can worm guys (Ugh) to my right. As we were casting Craig ultimately hooked up twice (Sm. Brook, 11" Brown)...I'm not photographing for him anymore...screw it...Game on let's go I need to get caught up!

Finally after he helped correct a bad habit I was forming with my casting, I landed the gill the hook set...He was a beautifully colored Brook, about 7" or so and quickly released.

By this time Craig and I have shifted spots and my coffee-can guys finally moved...1 of them put the fish in the back of his vest...that's nasty....

Once I moved to the top of the fast water I knew by watching this Brown rise where he was (Polarized Glasses broke *hint Birthday Soon friends!*) but it was not going to be easy, I needed to get close to the overhanging branches. Not close enough, and the fly will spew back out to the fast water . Too close I risk getting the fly stuck, breaking my set up or spooking the fish. So I used my tandem set up with a dry dropper, and my San Juan worm. On the second cast in I had a bite, went to set...Lost. I muttered something in frustration but who wouldn't be doing that! I started again but finally got it. Landed a nice Brown, thick, and a fighter...Once in slow water I was able to net him...
Here He Is:

Now...Look at the fish only the fish...

Soon as the photo was snapped, I noticed Whoops his mouth was dislocated. Quick fix and this little fighter was back into his hole! Now Flyfishing isn't just for guys, but those of us girls that do love to get out there does not mean we need to dress, or look like one of the guys... I remember now what I had forgotten...MAKEUP. In-fact I think I look like I'm still not awake yet. Don't let this happen to you!

As we continued on and made our way down to a section known as 'The Pines' we hopped in only to wait, wait, wait because of heavy Kayak/Canoe traffic. This normally wouldn't affect me but the issue is when they are loud, disruptive, or rude. Very few asked to cross when I had a line out and quickly had to reel in. Fewer were quiet...No fish were caught here however I did tie up the score to a healthy 3-3...Craig digresses...
Here was my third and last catch of the day:

A catch is a catch right?!?

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