Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wood River Fishing May7

On a whim Craig and I were granted the opportunity to hit the Wood River (Thanks Mom and Dad)...we started at The Pines...Using a fly that I already forgot its name, think it was Rusty Spinner that Craig has tied...Craig left w/ 3 Catches 1 Snapping the Tippet at the Leader (Sorry your last doesn't count Craig you remain at 3) I landed 2 and my handsome guy gave a fight. Both Browns, the first one... I was attempting to practice a Dynamic Roll cast as seen Here Via Orvis I finally did it the moment I did POP! On goes my little guy (8" approx) and he went airborne immediately then head thrashing until he was in my hands! I thought I had poor positioning on my right hand and quickly rectified by bringing arm up high to keep tension and placing left hand on the line to strip in. No time for a net and no need for once..usually get the damn trout tangled in the line and net anyway...Hooked him in the upper corner of his lip...(Nice set kudos to me!)

However, I didn't bother with a photo so all I have is this fish tale...Craig yelled out keep him in the water....whoops to late so no photo there. I was just so thrilled that I presented that fly correctly and it was proven with that quick pop I felt instantly.

Now if only I could get new Polarized Sunglasses that I don't break so I can actually see the fish in the water better....maybe next time but definitely before our Utah/Montana trip.

My next one was not as exciting, it was a very standard overhand cast, mend the line, feed more line and pop goes the trout into my hands...

We would of kept going however a thunderstorm started to roll in, and we made it to the car in time for the rain to begin. Not bad 5 landed fish in less than 2 hours...It also helped that Trout Unlimited float stocked 2 or 3 days prior
(Thanks guys!!)

Also, courtesy of TU: Narragansett Chapter here are photos and links describing all the major pools from the Check Station at the Wood River.

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